Class #10 – 7/20 – Final Class Info

Class #10 – 7/20 – Final Class Info

Today July 20th was our last class meeting. Time goes too fast!

I hope that you enjoyed our class, I sure did!

Please see below to make sure you have and will complete all of the assignments:

**Final student check list of submitted assignments:

1. Comments and Reactions to our Guest Artists on the class blog.

2. Submission of your Final Paper to professor Seslow via e-mail by Sunday 7/22 at midnight (if you need an extension, that OK, just ask)

3. Zine collaboration page submission.

4. Final Reflection statement about your experience in our class. (Add your final reflection here in the comments section below by Next Tuesday 7/24)

I will be publishing the digital collaboration ZINE page on this website soon! Stay Tuned!

PS – Explore the Concrete to Date Exhibition here!


Have a wonderful summer and thank you all so much for your hard work and participation in our class! Good Energy!!

Class #9 – 7/19 – John Fekner Lecture – Info & Resources

Class #9 – 7/19 – Info & Resources

Part 1 – ZINE work session. Each student will submit their ZINE page by Friday 7/20 at the end of our last class.

John Fekner was our Guest Artist & Speaker today!

In the 70s, John Fekner was ‘anonymously known’ for over three hundred environmental/conceptual works consisting of dates, words, and symbols spray painted throughout the five boroughs of New York. The “Warning Signs” project focused on pointing out hazardous conditions that dominated New York City and its environs in the 1970s. In the spring of 1977, Fekner created word-signs using hand cut cardboard stencils and spray paint. He began a relentless crusade concerned with social and environmental issues. Starting in the industrial streets of Queens and the East River bridges, and later on to the South Bronx in 1980, his messages were seen in areas that were desperately in need of construction, demolition or reconstruction. By labeling structures and emphasizing problems, the objective was to call attention to the accumulated squalor by urging city officials, agencies and local communities to be more responsible and take action. Read full Bio here

Follow John on Instagram –

The Original Space Invader – Don Leicht in front of his cut metal Space Invaders at Fashion Moda

Photo Credit: ©Peter Bellamy 1982 – via

Leave your comments and feedback about today’s presentation below!

Class #8 – 7/18 – Info & Resources

Class #8 – 7/18 – Info & Resources

We continued our exploration through street art and street artists. The transition from the non-commissioned to commissioned, corporate sponsorship, brands and business.

Current Bowery Wall – July 2018 by Tristan Eaton

Famed NYC Bowery Wall – Take a dive into Google’s search results for images of the various murals painted over the years. Private ownership of this space enables the company to curate who gets to paint it, but the public decides who gets painted over.. Class discussion.

The Amazing BLU  –  BLU – The Italian Artist BLU!

BANKSY In the Museums? How did he place his work into multiple museums during the museum hours? How did he pull this off?

We spoke about and explored the important stencil works of John Fekner and his 2005 exhibition Tawkin’ New York City Walls. We moved on to the works of artist Chris Stain and presented the free public stencil history and technique book he organized for his previous talks at LIU.

ZINESImage Results & Examples

Collaborative project. Our class will submit 1-2 pages to our collaborative zine. The zine will live both online and off.

**Bring art making materials to Thursdays class!

(This may include – X-acto knife, markers, drawing paper, glue sticks, and any other materials you may need to complete you contribution to the zine!)

Class #7 – 7/17 – Info & Resources

Today’s class was held site on scene at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The purpose of our visit was for the sake of discovering and creating contrast between a high art institution and the graffiti and street art found during our NYC walking tour. The visit to the museum gave us the individual perspective to begin writing our final paper for the course.

Things to ponder:

Did the visit to the museum help you find contrasts and or similarities between non-commissioned works placed into public spaces?

After our walking tour downtown do you see the museum with “new” or “different eyes” – explain if you wish below.

**Wednesdays class 7/18 will continue to look into street art, street artists and various street art techniques. Students can bring in drawing materials  and markers to complete our collaborative tagging exercise as well as discuss our collaborative ZINE. I will be bringing in several ZINE examples to share.

Thursday’s class will be a full studio art working class session, more info on 7/18.


Class #6 – 7/16 – Info & Resources

Class #6 – 7/16 – Info & Resources

Today in class we continued to transition from Graffiti to Street Art.

I wanted to include two more important resources that you can view outside of class::

Much in the sprint of Style Wars, films like Wild Style & Beat Street were important cultural inspirations in the form of dramas with narratives. The two films easily spread to other parts of the world setting the tone for an expanded global movement synthesizing graffiti, hip hop music, DJ-ing, MC-ing, Break Dancing and B-Boying. The three films were all released in close proximity of each other painting a clear insight into the NYC fever that everyone wanted to participate in. That movement continues to grow today.

Wild Style –  –

Beat Street

Street Art & Artists discussed today:

Christy Rupp, Swoon, John Fekner, Shepard Fairey, & Blek Le Rat


***Tuesday 7/17 – We will take a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in NYC – 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028. We will be meeting at 11:00 am in the lobby of the Museum (directly when you walk in)

Please allow yourself plenty of travel time to get to the museum. Bring a NY state ID or student ID.

Class #5 – 7/13 – The Evolution to Street Art

Class #5 – 7/13 – The Evolution to Street Art

On Friday 7/13 we began to transition from Graffiti into the medium known as Street Art. We began discussing what falls “in between” the two terms and what that looks like. What are the differences? What is the history of street art and who are the foundation artists that paved the way?

We discussed artists like KATSU – and the great piece on his work that appears in RJ Rushmore’s book Viral Art.

VIRAL ART is must read and we will begin investigating the book in Monday’s class.

**Reminder – Tuesday 7/17 we will meet at 11:00 am at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Class #4 – 7/12 – NYC Walking Tour Reflection

Class #4 – 7/12 – NYC Walking Tour Reflection

The class met on Thursday in New York City for a guided walking street art & graffiti tour with NYC Graff Tours  –  SOHO & Nolita was covered.

LEAF was our tour guide for this edition of the tour.

Please take your time, reflect, react and respond by Monday 7/16 to the questions below:

1. What do you know now about public space that you did not know before this tour? Has NYC forever changed for you? Explain yes or no, and why?

2. What did you like most about the guided tour?

3. Was there one piece from the tour that has stuck out or spoken to you the most? If so, which one?

*I have published a new Gallery page for image resources from our course. If you have taken a series of good quality photos that you would like to contribute to the site – please e-mail them to me.

(Edit your image the exact way that you wish to see them displayed on the website – preferably no larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels)


Class #3 – 7/11 – Re-Cap, Info & Resources

Class #3 – 7/11 – Re-Cap, Info & Resources

Dondi White, speaking, wise words.

Class Discussion and image show of various NYC Writers:

Dondi White, Lee Quinones, Lady Pink, SEEN & Futura 200

Blackbooks are introduced and discussed. The students  are encouraged to create their own and contribute drawings to each others books. Online resources will be introduced, discussed and explored featuring Art Crimes & @149th St. After Day #2’s Style Wars screening, we discussed the importance of Henry Chalfant & Tony Silver’s classic documentary as well as Chalfant & Martha Cooper’s book “Subway Art” aka the Graffiti Bible.

Guest Artist Presentation :: VENG aka Herb Smith will present his work and share a tagging demonstration. Herb Smith will present his current work and his evolution as an artist. Starting out as a traditional graffiti artist while simultaneously maintaining a career as a fine artist. Heavily influenced by Dutch masters, Herb’s unique style ranges from large scale 40 foot collaborative murals to smaller scale oil paintings of realistic birds, landscapes and portraits.


What did you think Herb’s presentation and story? Were you surprised to see how his work evolved in mediums, subject matter and scale?

How did graffiti and street art influence his studio work?

Leave your feedback below in the comments section


**Reminder – Thursday 7/12 – We will be meeting in NYC for a guided walking tour of downtown street art & graffiti with the Graff Tours Co.  Our class will meet at 11:00 AM  – The meeting location address is – 1 Bleecker Street in front of Think Coffee (off the corner of Bowery). Yes, you may bring a friend or two if you wish! Please be on time!

Please plan your travel to NYC with plenty of extra time.


Class #2 – 7/10 – Re-Cap, Info & Resources

Class #2 – 7/10 – Re-Cap, Info & Resources

Continued Definitions on Graffiti.

Early NYC Graffiti Writers:

Cornbread, Taki 183, Stay High 149, Phase II, Stitch 1, Cool Stan,​ Barbara 62, EVA62, Tracy168, & SuperCool223

We Screened Style Wars the film/documentary – Re-watch it here below.

Style Wars is an essential part of the definition process of understanding NYC graffiti. The film was made by Henry Chalfant & Tony Silver in 1982.

Who is Henry Chalfant?

The Style Wars website

Various Markers, tagging styles, tips, types, thickness and flow. The power of a marking tool and the potential it posses in both public and private spaces.

Learning to TAG – Class Exercise with Tagging, creating a name, graffiti alphabet demonstration and practice. MArkers, types, tips and tools of the trade.

Guest Artist Presentation :: RJ Rushmore

“RJ Rushmore has been involved in contemporary art as a writer, curator, photographer, arts administrator, and fan since 2008. With a focus on street art, graffiti, and public art, RJ facilitates and promotes disruptive art outdoors, in galleries, and online. He founded the street art blog Vandalog, and is currently Co-Curator of Art in Ad Places and Marketing and Digital Communications Manager at Creative Time.

RJ has been featured in Artforum, CNN, The Creators Project, The Economist, Hyperallergic, The Nation, The New York Times, PAPER, Time, and elsewhere.”

Find RJ on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

RJ is the author of VIRAL ART (2013) – We will be discussing this book in the coming days – Please download or read it online here (This is one of my favorite books!) –

RJ is the curator of the All Big Letters Exhibition –


Questions to ponder (respond in the comments below)

What did you think of Style Wars the Film? How has your perception about NYC & Graffiti changed since screening the film?

What did you think of today’s tagging demo and exercise?

Did you select your graffiti name? If so, what is it?

RJ Rushmore was our guest artist today, what did you think of his presentation, projects and evolving work? (He will be responding to your commentary)

Class #1 – 7/9 – Re-Cap, Info & Resources

Welcome to ART597!

The History & Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti is our official course website URL for the Summer session of 2018!

Please explore this website to find all of the needed information, assignments and resources for our course. This website will stay alive forever as a growing resource and will retroactively add previous content from the course that began in 2009.

**Did you subscribe to our class website yet? Do it now on the home-page to receive notifications on class re-caps, assignments, important notices, addresses and more!

***Make sure the e-mails coming from this website don’t end up in your spam folder*** (sometimes it happens)

The History & Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti starts off with a class overview, learning outcomes and expectations. A historical presentation on early Graffiti in NYC begins with who the early writers were and how styles developed and evolved. Understanding and identifying the difference between legal and illegal graffiti pieces will be explored.

The two short videos below offer a bit more insight into our discussion today.

On Tuesday 7/10 Style Wars the film/documentary will set a great tone and leave students with much to think about, especially a challenge to what you previously thought Graffiti is and how it can be defined from its origins.

Style Wars is an essential part of the definition process of understanding NYC graffiti.

Who is Henry Chalfant?

The Style Wars website


Materials for Tuesday – Lets learn how to create a TAG. Bring some pencils, markers and sketch paper. (I have plenty if you forget)


*We will be chatting with RJ Rushmore at 11:45 am about his work and projects.


What did you think of today’s opening class?

What stuck out most to you? What did you see that has also made an impression?

Leave your comments below in the comments section.

(I will moderate and approve all comments once they are submitted)