About ART597

Course History & Description:

This course is a historical survey of the Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti as a contemporary Art Movement. The course traces the history through its past and present artistic developments on a technical and cultural level. Students will trace from its New York roots, and examine its growth in popularity both nationally and internationally from the streets to the gallery and museum walls. The course pays particular attention to the artists and writers from New York City. Students will use their written and oral communication skills to demonstrate what they have learned in presentation formats.

The course includes a guided NYC walking tour and guest lectures.

ART 597 is The History and Emergence of Street Art and Graffiti

Long Island University, Post Campus

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Class time: Monday-Friday 9 AM- 1 PM – July 9th – July 20th 2018

Location: Kahn Center Room 207 / Various NYC Locations

Summer Session 2018

Professor Ryan Seslow

Contact- ryan.seslow@liu.edu – OR –  ryan (at)ryanseslow.com