Class #10 – 7/20 – Final Class Info

Class #10 – 7/20 – Final Class Info

Today July 20th was our last class meeting. Time goes too fast!

I hope that you enjoyed our class, I sure did!

Please see below to make sure you have and will complete all of the assignments:

**Final student check list of submitted assignments:

1. Comments and Reactions to our Guest Artists on the class blog.

2. Submission of your Final Paper to professor Seslow via e-mail by Sunday 7/22 at midnight (if you need an extension, that OK, just ask)

3. Zine collaboration page submission.

4. Final Reflection statement about your experience in our class. (Add your final reflection here in the comments section below by Next Tuesday 7/24)

I will be publishing the digital collaboration ZINE page on this website soon! Stay Tuned!

PS – Explore the Concrete to Date Exhibition here!


Have a wonderful summer and thank you all so much for your hard work and participation in our class! Good Energy!!

8 Replies to “Class #10 – 7/20 – Final Class Info”

  1. Final reflection:
    I really enjoyed the class having realized that graffiti/street art was an important aspect of contemporary art and I needed to get up to speed by taking a course with someone as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as yourself.

    The overview was quick but extensive, and enlivened with numerous personal insights. Wish we cold have seen a bit more of the films in class to discuss as a group, but I will personally go back and check them out in their entirety once my summer slows down and I can catch a breadth.

    I found the first field trip to be more enlightening than the 2nd since I have been at the Met hundreds of times and being together for just one gallery seemed anti-climatic. I would have liked some more of your comments in other parts of the museum.

    The two visitors to the class were fantastic. Their continued connection to the genre was great to experience, esp. John Fekner who was/is above the usual narcissistic agenda of most graffiti artists. I can see how he influenced you in the past and why you have worked with him up to the present.

    I look forward to the class zine and to a continuing friendship.
    Thanks for a full year of Grad school instruction.
    Len Antinori

    1. Thank you Len, it was a great class with a great group of awesome people! Thank you so much for your participation on all from and across all of the course criteria. You always give 110% and I appreciate that! Yes, the trip to the MET after the walking tour is anti-climatic and planned on purpose! You now have this contrast, and may never be able to see museum experiences the same way! It has been a great year, much more to come!

  2. As I reflect back on our two weeks together I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite classes I have ever taken. I’m sad it was only two weeks but in that time Professor Seslow did an incredible job teaching us about the history of how and where graffiti started and to how it has evolved over time. It’s really incredible to think that we received so much information, went on two field trips and had three guest speakers just in two weeks.

    Going into the city to really experience and learn about the art and how it goes up first hand was one of the best things that I got out of this class. It really gave me a new perspective of the streets and now as I walk through the city or even in my neighbood I’m constantly looking for tags, stickers and opportunities for street art.

    I especially enjoyed the visits of Herb Smith, RJ Rushmore and John Fekner. It was incredible to get to meet the people we were learning about and hear their stories. I could listen to Mr. Fekner tell stories for hours, I loved that Professor Seslow saved the best for last! It was a great way to tie up the class.

    Aside from the guest speakers and field trips our studio days were another great touch to this class. From experiencing the work in the city to learning how to make our own graffiti alphabet, tags and stencils was the perfect way to really understand how complex this art form can be!

    After taking this class I will be looking at the world with a new perspective and can’t wait to one day teach my students about the artists we’ve learned about in class. Thank you again Professor Seslow, looking forward to seeing our class zine!

    1. Thank you so much Danielle! Ah yes, so much information in such a short amount if time. You guys were all amazing in your attention, interest, participation and excitement through out the whole course. So much fun and so much great interaction and reaction here on this class website! Thank you!

  3. The past 2 weeks have whizzed by in a blur, so much to experience, create and learn on the topic of Street Art and Graffiti. It was so wonderful to pass a portion of the summer taking this course. I felt as if I had been on a trip visiting a vastly different culture from what I know. I learned so much. Residing in New York, and for many years being submersed in Street Art and Graffiti every time I now visit the 5 boroughs, I am now noticing and seeing this art expression with a new perspective. There is a reason why this art came to be acceptable, developed and a purpose for its continued existence. Amazingly, this art form can be used to make statements to the public and demand changes in society. I have a new curiosity on how the artwork was executed in these public spaces, the planning and complex tools involved in the creation.
    The personal experiences, styles and ways in which each artist speaker shared influenced me, and was a valuable opportunity that will never be forgotten. Surprisingly, I was able to find a connection to the artists and understand their intentions. The NYC Tour trip led by LEAF, and Met Museum trip was a nice way to be exposed to what we were learning. I remained in the museum until closing time to reflect upon what was shown, and taught. The impact of learning and visiting, opposed to viewing a video/picture or lecture leaves a greater impact on the mind. I had so much fun making my own tag, lettering, trying stencils, and creating zine, and sharing on the class blog.
    This course is a unique and enjoyable experience. I found it to be compact, yet filled with the design to capture my full attention. I would like to have more time spent in this class, and will continue to explore and view Street Art and Graffiti. I really appreciate the personal efforts, and can see how Professor Seslow enjoys what he teaches and passes his passion on to his students.

    1. Thank you so much Chie! This is a wonderful assessment filled with great insights and detailed explanations of you learning experience. The class goes by so fast in our two week duration. Before I knew it, it was over! We learned a lot and I am really happy with you all of the work that the class as a whole has contributed. You always give 110% in all of you work and I greatly admire your insights, feedback and participation.

  4. Final Reflection

    Before this course, I honestly never really thought about Graffiti. I didn’t understand the purpose, reasoning’s or the history behind it. It was refreshing to get introduced to something new, something that was truly non-traditional. It was extremely helpful to have a professor so passionate about this art form, which made it very easy to enjoy.
    This art form gives artists a voice, they were seen and recognized. They promoted change and they wanted to make a difference. They don’t care about the repercussions or getting put in jail. This group of graffiti artists seems hard core. It could be a gang in itself. People die, it is a risky business and there is secret lingo that gets followed.
    This art form gives artists a sense of power. I took on RJ’s challenge by keeping a marker in my pocket. Just knowing the power of that gave me the giggles, but also knowing that I could, gave me a sense of power. It made me feel bad ass that I could physically leave my mark on the world.
    The most moving part of this class was when John Fekner came to visit us. His passion and knowledge was so legitimate. I found his work to have the most purpose. He is an icon of change. There was no violence, just a strong voice. His stencils made junk cars disappear, broken down buildings rebuilt and brought people together. I mean, the power of art can conquer anything!
    I am very thankful for this class and the new aesthetic experiences it has brought me. The outside world is more beautiful than before. Thank you for all of your time, and attention on this class. It really is such an amazing experience and everyone in the program should take it! It has motivated me to be more open about my artwork and I look forward to seeing the influences it has on my work.

  5. This course is a great opportunity for me to get closer to street art. I really enjoyed every topic and artist we discussed during the class, resources are interesting and knowledgeable, helps me in many ways to learn more about street art culture.

    Like I mentioned before, graffiti was imported into China in the 80’s, according to the condition of Chinese art environment at that time, it’s more dangerous and unacceptable for the public and government, even now, you still have to go to certain palaces to discover a small part of it, I was comparing the difference between how street art developed in great cities such as New York and Beijing. One thing I found very interesting, the most of graffiti work in China doesn’t expose in public space but hidden in campus and schools.

    In recent days, you could find the lead generation of street arts become younger and younger, thanks to every writer who came to our class and had those good presentations. Even though the form of graffiti is always changing and advancing, but the spirits what it has been expressing to this world has never changed. Speaking for people, and guarding the freedom of it, every writer in every corner of this world doing the same thing as always.

    Appreciate to professor Ryan, curate a substantial trip of graffiti and walk us through street arts. Everything I learned in class will influence me a lot in the following life of arts. Also thanks to my classmates, the comments left by your guys are really worth for thinking and research, ignite so many interesting thoughts for me to wondering.

    I hope everyone has a great summer, and see you guys in the next semester!

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