Class #6 – 7/16 – Info & Resources

Class #6 – 7/16 – Info & Resources

Today in class we continued to transition from Graffiti to Street Art.

I wanted to include two more important resources that you can view outside of class::

Much in the sprint of Style Wars, films like Wild Style & Beat Street were important cultural inspirations in the form of dramas with narratives. The two films easily spread to other parts of the world setting the tone for an expanded global movement synthesizing graffiti, hip hop music, DJ-ing, MC-ing, Break Dancing and B-Boying. The three films were all released in close proximity of each other painting a clear insight into the NYC fever that everyone wanted to participate in. That movement continues to grow today.

Wild Style –  –

Beat Street

Street Art & Artists discussed today:

Christy Rupp, Swoon, John Fekner, Shepard Fairey, & Blek Le Rat


***Tuesday 7/17 – We will take a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in NYC – 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028. We will be meeting at 11:00 am in the lobby of the Museum (directly when you walk in)

Please allow yourself plenty of travel time to get to the museum. Bring a NY state ID or student ID.

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