Class #7 – 7/17 – Info & Resources

Today’s class was held site on scene at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The purpose of our visit was for the sake of discovering and creating contrast between a high art institution and the graffiti and street art found during our NYC walking tour. The visit to the museum gave us the individual perspective to begin writing our final paper for the course.

Things to ponder:

Did the visit to the museum help you find contrasts and or similarities between non-commissioned works placed into public spaces?

After our walking tour downtown do you see the museum with “new” or “different eyes” – explain if you wish below.

**Wednesdays class 7/18 will continue to look into street art, street artists and various street art techniques. Students can bring in drawing materials  and markers to complete our collaborative tagging exercise as well as discuss our collaborative ZINE. I will be bringing in several ZINE examples to share.

Thursday’s class will be a full studio art working class session, more info on 7/18.


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