Class #8 – 7/18 – Info & Resources

Class #8 – 7/18 – Info & Resources

We continued our exploration through street art and street artists. The transition from the non-commissioned to commissioned, corporate sponsorship, brands and business.

Current Bowery Wall – July 2018 by Tristan Eaton

Famed NYC Bowery Wall – Take a dive into Google’s search results for images of the various murals painted over the years. Private ownership of this space enables the company to curate who gets to paint it, but the public decides who gets painted over.. Class discussion.

The Amazing BLU  –  BLU – The Italian Artist BLU!

BANKSY In the Museums? How did he place his work into multiple museums during the museum hours? How did he pull this off?

We spoke about and explored the important stencil works of John Fekner and his 2005 exhibition Tawkin’ New York City Walls. We moved on to the works of artist Chris Stain and presented the free public stencil history and technique book he organized for his previous talks at LIU.

ZINESImage Results & Examples

Collaborative project. Our class will submit 1-2 pages to our collaborative zine. The zine will live both online and off.

**Bring art making materials to Thursdays class!

(This may include – X-acto knife, markers, drawing paper, glue sticks, and any other materials you may need to complete you contribution to the zine!)

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