A textbook is not required for this course. I will post several optional texts on the class resources page. We will be using this website for the course. Various information based resources will be posted here on a regular basis. This includes website exploration, articles, images, videos, and essays.


Course Objectives:

 * To understand how to respond and analyze works of street art and graffiti.

* To apply critical thinking skills and various methods of art criticism.

* The course will provide interaction and exposure to multidisciplinary sources of artistic application, function, techniques and perception.

* To analyze works of art that will induce expansive methods of research, exercises in written analysis, and critical discussions.

* To understand the social and cultural influences of street art and graffiti.

* To understand how content presents a source of the cultural context surrounding the major artistic styles of street art and graffiti as a historical period in the development of art from a global perspective.

* To understand how political, social and economic issues greatly affect the surrounding emergence of traditional and contemporary art forms, students will be introduced to a variety of street and graffiti artists through a time line ranging from early to contemporary.

* To understand specialized knowledge about street art and graffiti, particular artists, work(s) of art, or specific timelines and movement from library research of his/her life and work.


Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of the course the student will be able to:

* Speak knowledgeably about the basics of street art and graffiti via experiences with class assignments, reflective activities, specific exposure, discussions of current exhibits, and visits to view works of street art and graffiti site on scene.

* Demonstrate a working knowledge with the language of street art and graffiti, it’s vocabulary through responsive and reflective writing assignments both in and outside of class.

* Identify various modes of street art and graffiti aesthetics, expression, and communication via art movements and specific artists.

* Discuss the various uses and modes of street art and graffiti, and be able to analyze any work of art from an artistic and technical viewpoint.

* Manifest an expansion of knowledge about the world of street art and graffiti as evolving through today’s popular culture, in written and verbal execution.

* Contribute a series of experimental works to a collaborative class ZINE for both online and print posterity.


Student Requirements:

Students must attend all classes and participate in all class activities. Attendance, participation, and punctuality are major considerations in determining the final grade. Students must complete assignments on time. Late submissions will result in a deduction from the final grade; however, the opportunity will be extended to redo an assignment for a better grade. We will be scheduling two trips to NYC. One will visit a major NYC museum and 2-3 galleries, as well as take a guided street art and graffiti tour, you are required to attend both.



Students must attend all classes and participate in all class activities both on and off campus. If you need to miss one of our class sessions please propose to the professor how you will make up the missed time.


Art Making Exercises:

Students will experiment and participate in a series of reflective exercises with graffiti and street art techniques. The class will contribute their outcomes to a collaborative ZINE that will be shared both online and in print format.


Writing Requirements:

1. One research / reaction paper based on our class visits to NYC. Students will complete research based on the two separate experiences we will have in NYC. Students will select specific works to compare and contrast. Two of the works (or more) will be based on art that appears on the streets of NYC, the other two (or more) will be works selected from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the galleries we visit. The paper should be 4-6 (or more) pages in length. Research should be cited through individual student research methods, book sources, Internet sources and images taken by each student. An attached bibliography page will cite all of your resources. (We will speak about this in depth. Non-traditional method)

2. Two short reaction responses will be posted to our class blog based upon the guest speakers / artists who will be visiting our class.

3. Final Assessment Paper – You will create an artistic statement and final assessment about your experience in this course. A 1-page reflection will be posted to our class blog on the evening after our last class.



1. Completion of class exercises, attendance & participation —- 30%

2. Research/Reaction Paper ——————————————- 30%

3. Two blog reactions based on Guest Artists ———————– 20%

4. Successful submission of Art Exercises (Zine) ——————– 10%

5. Final Assessment Reaction —————————————– 10%


Tentative Weekly Break Down – Week #1

 Monday – 7/9 :: Graffiti :: Class will meet @ 9 am

  1. Course Intro, Syllabus, Assignments, Content, Questions & Class materials.
  2. What is Graffiti? Art or Vandalism? Discussions begin.
  3. The History of Graffiti – evolution, tagging, trains, walls, murals, gallery, museums & references to art history.
  4. Introduction to Artists / Writers & Crews.

Tuesday – 7/10 :: Graffiti :: Class will meet @ 9:15 am

  1. Film screening & class discussion of “Style Wars”.
  2. Studio exercise – Tagging – Reflective class exercise with letter forms & styles. Creating a name & crew. Graffiti alphabets and development.
  3. Guest Artist Lecture – RJ Rushmore – Presentation.

Wednesday – 7/11 :: Class will meet @ 9:15 AM

  1. Zines, Black books, techniques and application. Reflective class exploration. (Bring materials to class)
  2. Herb Smith aka VENG – Guest artist lecture and presentation.

Thursday- 7/12 :: Class will meet in NYC @11:00 AM

  1. Class will meet at 11:00 AM in New York City for a guided walking street art & graffiti tour of downtown NYC with Graff Tours. (Its $15 a person for the tour. The meeting location is – 1 Bleecker Street in front of Think Coffee (off the corner of Bowery). Yes, you may bring a friend or two if you wish! Please be on time and bring exact change in cash.

Friday – 7/13 :: Street Art :: Class will meet @ 9:15 am

  1. Street Art – What is Street Art? How does it differ from graffiti? Discussion, reflective assignment.
  2. The History of Street Art – NYC evolution, stencils, walls, paste ups, gallery, museums and references to art history.


 Tentative Weekly Break Down – Week #2

Monday – 7/16 :: Street Art :: Class will meet @ 9:15 am

  1. Street Art & Graffiti Studio practice. Techniques, tools, methods, wheat-pasting demonstration. (Bring materials to class – Location – TBA)

Tuesday – 7/17 :: NYC Visit :: Class will meet in NYC @ 11:00 am

  1. Class will meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
  2. Gallery visits in lower Manhattan of various exhibitions. (address’s TBA)

 Wednesday- 7/18 :: Class will meet @ 9:15 AM

  1. Stencil making Workshop. A series of demonstrations, processes and studio class work time.
  2. Digital revolution, from the street to the Internet and beyond. Internet resources.

Thursday- 7/19 :: Class will meet @ 9:15 AM

  1. Class critique of produced works, stencils and paste ups and zine contributions.
  2. John Fekner – Guest Artist Lecture & Presentation.

Friday- 7/20 :: Class will meet @ 9:15 AM

  1. Web resources, International expansion, future forward resources.
  2. Final course statements and reflections.